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March 25, 2018

How Reliable are Online Educational Resources?

Evidence-based practice is at the heart of everything you do as a health professional. Planning, developing and providing continuing professional development (CPD) through educational interventions is one way of ensuring that the skills of your staff are not only kept up to date, but also based on the latest research
March 18, 2018

7 Essential Leadership Qualities of Nurse Educators

The most successful nurse educators are leaders in their organisation – leading those that they educate to learn and develop. But what essential qualities make a nurse educator a successful leader? In their seminal work, Leithwood, Day, Sammons, Harris and Hopkins (2006) identified and built upon 7 core beliefs around what
March 09, 2018

Proving Return on Investment (ROI) in Nursing Education

How can we prove return on investment (ROI) in nursing education and successfully lobby for more resources and funding? While nurse educators can see the importance of education, health administrators don’t always understand how it will improve care, improve patient safety and ultimately reduce costs. As a result education departments are
March 02, 2018

How to Perform a Needs Assessment

Conducting a rigorous needs assessment as part of the development of an educational intervention will ensure that your education will make a measurable, positive difference within your organisation. What is a needs assessment? A needs assessment is a systematic process of identifying a gap in knowledge, skill or practice that
February 26, 2018

Top 10 Teaching Strategies for Nurse Educators – Delivering Effective Nursing Education

Understanding How to Deliver Effective Nursing Education As facilitators of nursing education, how can we best ensure that our learners are processing the new knowledge delivered to them through our educational programs? Designing sessions with this in mind should be a fundamental component of how we plan and facilitate education. Xu