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June 20, 2018

Transition to Practice: Assisting Graduate Nurses

A nurse’s transition to practice can be an emotional journey. In the beginning there is excitement, anticipation and an enthusiasm for the nursing profession. New graduate nurses are spurred on by their desire to make a positive contribution to a patient’s life. However, while a Bachelor of Nursing is designed
June 14, 2018

Care to Learn Podcast Episode 1: Cynthea Wellings

How can you use evaluation to improve the effectiveness of your nursing education?     Podcast Transcript Wayne: Hello and welcome to the very first episode of the Care to Learn Podcast. Each month we will sit down with interesting and influential professionals working within healthcare and education and talk about
June 05, 2018

Nurse Managers: Creating Learning Opportunities for Your Staff

Nurse managers have a responsibility to facilitate staff learning and development. In the process of learning, skills and competence complement knowledge and understanding to improve performance and effective practice. One of the defining characteristics of professional practice is active learning – a continuum of developing knowledge and understanding, and of
June 01, 2018

12 Key Qualities of Great Nurse Educators

Nurse educators play a pivotal role in supporting learning and inspiring health professionals. And a great nurse educator can have a long-lasting impact on those they teach, both personally and professionally. When I think about qualities of the great nurse educators who have influenced my development and learning, there are
May 15, 2018

In-Service: 5 Ways to Enable Nurses to Attend

Knowing how to plan and provide an effective in-service training session is great. But it’s only half the story. What if only a handful of nurses actually attend the session? One of the problems that clinical nurse educators face is ensuring that nurses can access the education that they design.