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July 12, 2019

Should I Return to Study? The Nurse’s Question…

When you’re a nurse who has completed your initial nursing study, earned a diploma or degree, and become licensed as a healthcare professional, the very thought of returning to university can be overwhelming. However, sometimes another course of study and the degree it bestows can be the best option for
July 03, 2019

Developing Educational Leaders in Your Healthcare Team

Work-based learning is at the heart of continuing professional development (CPD). Yet to be truly successful a learning culture needs to include all members of staff, and enable them to become educational leaders. The question is, how can this be achieved in practice? In answering this Purcell and Lloyd-Jones (2003)
June 25, 2019

Trusting Your Nursing Intuition

As a nurse, you learned many skills during the course of your nursing education. Some are considered “hard” skills (e.g.: venipuncture, injections, catheterisation, etc) and others are often characterised as “soft” (e.g.: communication, empathy, motivational interviewing, etc). One such so-called “soft” skill that can’t really be taught is learning to
May 17, 2019

Collaborative Learning Now Available in Ausmed’s Mandatory Training Modules

We’re incredibly excited to announce a key update to Ausmed’s online learning library – collaborative learning. This feature is available within Ausmed’s new suite of mandatory training modules. At Ausmed, we recognise that the best learning often happens when individuals are able to collaborate, discuss and problem-solve together. However, this
May 14, 2019

Is It Time for an Overhaul of Risk Management Education?

Risk management in healthcare is potentially more important than in any other industry. Many researchers, including Moskowitz (2018), are now suggesting that there is a clear link between implementing a successful risk management strategy and the education of all employees. So, is it time for an overhaul of risk management