New LMS Features: Activity Feed and To Do List

February 27, 2019 By Ausmed

We’re excited to announce the release of two new features to the Ausmed LMS. The Activity Feed and the To Do List are now available to all of our LMS customers! These features, located in the Dashboard, will enable managers and educators to ensure both they and their staff are staying accountable to learning.

As managers or educators it can sometimes be difficult to ensure you and your staff are getting the most out of an education program – these features will help you keep on top of that.

Activity Feed

The Activity Feed in the Ausmed LMS is a live stream of activity that’s taking place within the platform – tt’s Facebook’s News Feed, but for nurse educators and managers.

The Activity Feed enables the Platform Manager to view the following – when a staff member:

  • Accepts their invitation to join the platform
  • Signs up with an Ausmed account
  • Completes a learning activity
  • Suggests a learning resource
  • Completes a learning resource that was assigned to them

The Activity Feed is displayed in date order, with the most recent activities being displayed at the top of your feed. See the image below for an example of the Activity Feed:

New Features: Activity Feed

New Features: Activity Feed

To Do List

The To Do List is a great way to ensure platform managers and educators are getting the most out of the Ausmed LMS. It includes five key actions that should be completed when an organisation first starts using the LMS. These are:

  • All staff activated on the LMS
  • All staff have downloaded the Ausmed App
  • Compliance Checklist completed by all staff
  • Teams created (as required)
  • One piece of your own content has been tested and assigned

These tasks can be ticked off as they are completed. More tasks can be added by simply typing the task into the text field at the top of this section (see below).

New Features: To Do List

New Features: To Do List

We believe that the addition of this feature is a step towards embedding the education conversation within a team and organisation.

If you’re currently not an LMS customer but would like to find out more about the Ausmed LMS and its extensive features click here to download an information sheet.

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