Collaborative Learning Now Available in Ausmed’s Mandatory Training Modules

May 17, 2019 By Ausmed

We’re incredibly excited to announce a key update to Ausmed’s online learning library – collaborative learning. This feature is available within Ausmed’s new suite of mandatory training modules.

At Ausmed, we recognise that the best learning often happens when individuals are able to collaborate, discuss and problem-solve together. However, this group interaction is often limited in an online environment.

Our new collaborative learning feature addresses this by putting a community focus into online learning.

How does it work?

Within Ausmed’s mandatory training modules, learners are presented with a question or scenario to assess their knowledge and gain their perspective. Their response is then made public for fellow learners to see and review. This exposes learners to alternate view points and allows them engage in a conversation around key elements of clinical care.

Collaborative Learning
Scenario provided within the Hand Hygiene Mandatory Training Module

Key Outcomes

Giving your staff the opportunity to participate in collaborative learning in an online environment can take the learning conversation to the next level by enabling staff to:

  • Re-enforce new knowledge/skills gained throughout the educational activity
  • Feel confident that they have met the required learning outcomes
  • Be exposed to different perspectives on learning, encouraging them to reflect on their own opinions, knowledge and understanding

Collaborative learning will also give educators the opportunity to:

  • Have vision over the staff responses, providing insights into issues that may have policy or practice implications
  • Identify knowledge/skill gaps and develop a plan to address them accordingly
Collaborative Learning
Learners’ responses to the scenario above

Give Your Staff Access to Collaborative Learning Today!

Give your staff access to Ausmed’s collaborative learning in one of two ways:

  1. If you don’t already have an LMS, subscribe to Ausmed for Teams. This includes access to our online learning library + an education management platform (click here to learn more)
  2. If your organisation already has an LMS, purchase a license to Ausmed’s online learning library and upload learning into your LMS as SCORM files (click here to learn more)

For existing Ausmed Organisational clients, collaborative learning is available now!

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