Create a Customised
Evaluation Form for
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Evaluation Form Generator

Use this free tool to make a customised and highly effective evaluation form that you can use at your education and training sessions.

This form is based on research and will enable education department staff to understand:

  • The knowledge/skills that were gained or reinforced
  • What change to practice will be made
  • How patients/clients will benefit from the learning
  • Whether barriers exist that will prevent changes to practice

Start by filling out the details of the educational activity you are providing, including your details.

When you have filled out all required details, click Create Evaluation Form. Your Evaluation Form will start downloading immediately.

Once downloaded, you can print it and ask learners to complete the evaluation at the conclusion of your next education session.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use this tool?

  1. Enter your details
  2. Enter the details of the educational activity that you are organising
  3. Click Create Evaluation Form
  4. A PDF copy of your Evaluation form will start downloading immediately. A copy will also be emailed to you.

I’ve got my evaluation form, what now?

Once you have received a PDF copy of your evaluation form, you can print it out and distribute it to your learners.

  1. Provide each learner with an evaluation form to complete at the conclusion of your educational activity
  2. Collect the evaluations once they have been completed
  3. Read through the evaluation responses to better understand the outcome and impact of the educational activity

As an educator, how will this tool help me?

This evaluation tool will assist in:

  1. Measuring what learners intend to do as a result of the activity
  2. Finding out whether the learners consider it likely to contribute to enhanced patient care
  3. Encouraging learners to envision how they will implement what they have learnt
  4. Identifying the perceived barriers that may prevent translation of knowledge to practice
  5. Identifying those perceived actions that could facilitate translation
  6. Expanding and guiding learners' capacity for reflection

Evaluating Your Education:

Don’t Get Left Behind

Evaluation is a word that gets thrown around liberally, but how effective is your evaluation?
For instance, do you really know if the education and training you provide to staff actually works? Does anything change as a result of learners participating in these educational programs?
Increasing the effectiveness of your evaluation process is the key.
Watch this talk from Ausmed CEO Cynthea Wellings, talking about the importance of evaluation and the development of Ausmed's evaluation.