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Inservice, Staff Training, Learning Management and CPD.

How can Ausmed help your
organisation with education?

We enable educators and staff to work together in fostering an enduring culture of learning in their organisation.

Our LMS Platform helps you facilitate and manage learning more effectively, and at scale.

Our content library will provide your staff with access to extensive video education and eLearning resources.

Our inservice and study day services are a cost effective way to provide on-site education.

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Established 1987.

Ausmed was founded by an Australian nurse in 1987. Over 150,000 Australian health professionals use our services each month.

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"Investing in flexible education for our staff."

Nazareth Residential Aged Care
Brisbane (Australia)

“The Continuous Professional Development resource is a total winner with our staff.”

"It has now been over 7 years of continuous and flexible education for our staff in conjunction with the Ausmed online program, the educational seminars, and the conferences.”

“The programs capacity to consolidate CPD hours and provide a personalised portfolio toward the end of the registration year is exceptionally helpful."

"The online library of resources just keeps getting better. To the whole of the team – keep up the good work!”